Limited Special offer [ERGOTEC Starter Package]

Your starter package for automated H2O2 room disinfection includes the following items:

H2O2 aerosol generator

Diosol-Generator Protec Tube+ Ergotec

Bottle holder for room disinfection

High quality steel bottle holder

1-kg-Flasche Desinfektion

Empty 1 kg bottle for bottle holder

diosol 19 wasserstoffperoxid desinfektionsmittel

Diosol 5 kg canister

Hydrogen peroxide room disinfection

3 meter hose for disinfection of small spaces

Ansaugschlauch_1l Desinfektion

Intake hose with coupling

Klebeband gasdicht, rot (PVC)

Gas-tight adhesive tape

wasserstoffperoxid teststreifen

H2O2 test sticks (chemical indicators)

Düsenkanalreiniger Raumdesinfektion DiosolGenerator

Nozzle channel cleaner

Hygieneschulung Raumdesinfektion

Expertise briefing + delivery by car

  • 1 x DiosolGenerator ERGOTEC as a rollable V4A device for room disinfection up to 270 m3 (upgrade up to 850 m3 is possible). Special device for professional service providers. Also ideal for disinfecting small volumes of space (such as vehicle disinfection, locks, isolators, incubators, safety cabinets, medical device chambers, etc.). With retractable axle, robust outdoor tires, V4A cover, nozzle guard, adjustable handle and carrying handle
  • 1 x 5 kg Diosol canister of your choice (3-19% H2O2 with or without silver ions)
  • 1 x high quality steel bottle holder for MF and Tube models
  • 1 x 3 meter hose for MF and Tube models. Complete with connections for disinfection system
  • 1 x empty bottle black with red cap
  • 1 x suction hose with V4A coupling for 1 kg bottle of Diosol
  • 1 x chemoindicator test strips (25 or 100 ppm) for optical documentation of room disinfection
  • 1 x roll gas-tight adhesive tape for masking door openings, RLT's etc.
  • 1 x nozzle channel cleaner for convenient cleaning of the V4A nebulizer nozzle of the DiosolGenerator
  • ​1 x expert briefing with training for the practical implementation of the H2O2 room disinfection by one of our state-approved disinfectors. For you and your complete hygiene team.
  • 1 x free delivery of the starter package by car as part of the instruction training (only for customers within 800 km from DIOP headquarter or by certified DIOP partner in your country)

Telephone advice at +49(0) 6003 / 814-225

Exclusive offer ends in:


H2O2 room disinfection by aHP fogging technology.

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