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Automated H2O2 room disinfection solutions

Nursery school hygiene

Nursery school hygiene: H2O2 facility disinfection solutions

Nursery school hygiene

Facility hygiene

Complete kindergarten and school disinfection with aerosolized Hydrogen Peroxide (aHP) room decontamination

Swine flu, norovirus – Protect Students, children, your team and yourself. With DioProtection, the effective, economical and environmentally friendly infection prevention for kindergartens, nurseries and schools.

In schools and kindergartens, it is useful to focus on the prevention of infection risks, the aspects of occupational safety, indoor air hygiene and general hygiene. An integration of the DioProtection-system into your  hygiene plan is possible and also recommended.

Make an appointment with us. We advise you without any obligation on the use of a swab test at your site, as well as on the possibilities that DioProtection offers to improve your nursery school hygiene.

Call for better hygiene standards in schools – DioProtection makes it possible!

Nursery school hygiene against air, surface and environment contamination

The following figures are taken from the German Hygiene Report 2010 regarding school hygiene:

  • 46% of respondents agree that poor hygiene in schools not only affects the well-being of children, but it also affects negatively their ability to learn
  • 64% of respondents are of the opinion that the hygiene standards in schools and kindergartens are too low
  • Therefore, for 68% of respondents ensuring good hygiene standards is one of the most important responsibilities of schools

DioProtection can interrupt the chain of infection in schools and kindergartens cost-efficiently, thus preventing possible chain reactions.

Daily wipe disinfection is indispensable in order to grant a high level of hygiene in your facility. Especially with airborne diseases, microorganisms settle in various places in the room. This method can therefore not offer a one hundred percent guarantee for disinfection. DioProtection helps to significantly improve the hygiene in your facility. In contrast to conventional room disinfection with formaldehyde, which is classified as carcinogenic according to the World Health Organization (WHO), the DiosolGenerator works based on hydrogen peroxide and silver ions. Hydrogen has always been used for disinfecting wounds and is non-toxic to humans. DioProtection reliably disinfects surfaces including touch surfaces.

Take advantage of the opportunity to test the hygiene in your facility. Our agar contact plate test or our bioindicators offer in a very short time, at low costs, an overview of the hygienic condition of your school buildings and educational environments.

Advantages of hydrogen peroxide room disinfection for complicated school building disinfection measures

Natural surface disinfectant

99,99% – 100% biodegradable

Free from alcohol

All Diosol disinfectants do not contain alcohol, aldehydes, chlorine, phenols and quats

Clinically proven disinfectants

Clinically tested with Diosol disinfectants in numerous studies


Validatable disinfection method for nursery school hygiene according to German guidelines, European norms and International standards

The advantages of the flexible DioProtection room, air and surface disinfection system in nursery school hygiene, school cleaning and complete school disinfection

The features of our DiosolGenerator decontamination systems such as mobility and ergonomic design, allow a user-friendly disinfection in any kind of public building, kindergarten, university buildings and school complexes.

Efficiency Broad range of efficacy: Bacteria, molds, viruses and spores
Eco-friendly Safe technology based on hydrogen peroxide (oxygen absorber)
User-friendly Mobile, lightweight and easy-to-use device
Required manpower Works automatically with minimum manpower
Disinfectant consumption only 4 ml Diosol / m3
Documentation possibilities Yes, electronically (data logger, ppm, temperature, relative humidity etc.) as well as paper documentation
Room volume 0 – 850 m3, any kind of room volume can be reliably disinfected
Validation with bacteria (Enterococcus faecium, Staphylococcus aureus) and / or spores (Geobacillus stearothermophilus), see disinfection validation possibilities with bioindicators
Application possibilities in nursery schools and kindergartens Facility hygiene and disinfection in any kind of school building, canteens, public areas, toilet areas and sports sectors where public hygiene matters
Science / Norms Nursery school hygiene in accordance with relevant norms such as

  • EN 1040 3/2006
  • EN 1276 1/2010
  • EN 1650 8/2013
  • EN 14347 8/2005
  • EN 13 704 5/2002
  • EN 14348 9/2005
  • EN 14476 12/2015
  • NF T 72-281 11/2014
  • EN 1656 11/2010
  • EN 1657 3/2006
  • EN 14 204 2/2013

The most complete nursery school disinfection system for complete school decontamination and facility hygiene

DIOP’s DiosolGenerator room disinfection systems have been used in facility hygiene as well as nursery school hygiene for more than 10 years now and have become a valuable factor of nursery school hygiene management including cleaning, wiping and disinfection processes.

Facility hygiene solutions