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Your automated mold disinfection solution

"We help restoration companies carry out successful, validatable and complex mold disinfections conveniently. We help protect people, staff, animals, buildings and products from all types of pathogens, mold contaminations and infections by smartly automating their mold disinfection work. Our smart H2O2 room decontamination technology will save you precious time, budget and manpower-hour staffing costs."

- Thomas Naß, Product Manager at DIOP GmbH & Co. KG 

THE ADVANTAGES of our smart mold disinfection solution FOR YOUR building and restoration company AT A GLANCE:

Up to 6-log
microbiological efficacy

Our clinically tested disinfection process fulfills the microbiological range of action ABCD (Sporicidal decontamination of rooms, environments and room air)

High savings potential of costs, personnel + time compared to gaseous room fumigation

Avoid expensive second- or third-party reprocessing of rooms, locks, isolators, etc., as a result of failed scouring wipe disinfections

100% electronic compatibility

Sensitive electronics and medical devices are not only spared, but simultaneously treated carefully with adequate disinfectants

Automated + validatable procedure

Start vaildating your surface disinfections today easily and RKI-conform using special bioindicators (bactericidal or sporicidal). Open germ carriers such as contact agar plates were yesterday!

RKI-listed hydrogen peroxide method

All H2O2 disinfection procedures using cold fogging (aHP) and fumigation are RKI-listed

100% support from our disinfectors + hygiene professionals

We do not leave you alone in any critical situation, but support you with help and advice in the most difficult mold contamination challenges

Automate now those disinfection processes that you will never get to grips with your busy staff manually!

  • There is a staff, time and budget emergency. Without new, automated disinfection techniques, your disinfection strategy based upon manual processes will become more and more incalculable
  • Relieve your valuable staff thanks to mold room disinfection automation
  • Respond to the growing mold decontamination challenges of the future and broaden your horizons
automated disinfected!


Save cash on the initial equipment of your restoration company with our mobile H202 room decontamination systems and receive rich discounts today (only for a short time)!

what do our happy customers say?

OUR professional h2o2 mold DECONTAMINATION OFFERS

Would you like to address your final mold disinfections and decontaminations in buildings, cellars, basements and contaminated environments with less stress, anxiety and insecurity?

Then make your decision now!

Device Rental

See Rental catalogue
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    1 x DiosolGenerator for rental
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    1 x 5 kg canister of your choice
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    Shipping + pick up via forwarder
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    Transport safe with special foams
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    Flexible rental times

Product Sales

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Starter and Service Package for disinfecting molds

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    Customized starter package for room disinfection
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    Free delivery by car for new customers (within 800 km from DIOP headquarter)
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    Free Expertise Briefing and Hygiene Training of Your Team by Certified Disinfector or trained distributor

Disinfection Service

Upon request

Service package for disinfection of mold

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    Worry-free service package
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    Conducted by the DIOP hygiene professionals
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    If required with RKI validation

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Staatlich Geprüfter Desinfektor

Thomas Naß - Stately-certified mold disinfection specialist

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