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Automated H2O2 room disinfection solutions

Hydrogen peroxide surface disinfectant Diosol-6 PURE

Hydrogen peroxide surface disinfectant Diosol-6 Pure

Disinfectant description

Diosol-6 PURE (6% H2O2) without silver ions is a ready-to-use surface disinfectant available in different packaging units such as 1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg and 30 kg. Primary application purpose of Diosol-6 PURE is the so called aerosol disinfection (room disinfection or cold fogging) in combination with the DiosolGenerator models for aerosolized Hydrogen Peroxide (aHP) disinfection method.

The anti-microbial effect of surface disinfectant Diosol-6 PURE is focused on multi-resistant bacteria, molds, yeasts and enveloped viruses.

Advantages of hydrogen peroxide surface disinfectant Diosol-6 PURE

Natural surface disinfectant

100% biodegradable

Free from alcohol

Diosol-6 PURE does not contain alcohol, aldehydes, chlorine, phenols and quats

Clinically proven disinfectants

Clinically tested in numerous studies

Diosol-6 PURE features

Hydrogen peroxide surface disinfectant Diosol-6 PURE fact sheet:

Active ingredients Hydrogen peroxide (CAS: 7722-84-1)
Currently registred as Biocide (N-61099 according to German ChemBiozidMeldeV)
Free from Aldehydes, alcohol, chlorine, phenols and quats
Main application purpose Room disinfection / aerosolized Hydrogen Peroxide (aHP) with all DiosolGenerator models
Manufacturer DIOP GmbH & Co. KG
Material safety data sheet Download here
Packaging units 1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 30 kg
Recommended storage Store upright. Keep away from sources of heat and sunlight. Store at temperatures between 10º and 25º C.
Residence time 90 minutes (aHP), 4 minutes (manual disinfection)
Shelf life 18 months from date of production

Diosol-6 PURE hazard symbols

Disinfectant oxidising
Disinfectant corrosivity