Automated hydrogen peroxide fogging systems

Which H2O2 airborne disinfection system is the most convenient way to manage your disinfection measures?

Airborne disinfection systems with basic functions

H2O2 fogging systems

These airborne disinfection systems are relevant for you if you want to carry out gapless space, room, air and surface disinfection with minimum effort, time and staff.

Multifunctional airborne disinfection machines

H2O2 airborne disinfection machines

Our multifunctional systems for H2O2 room decontamination are the right choice if you want to carry out special disinfection measures in addition to classic room disinfections (e.g. vehicle disinfection, decontamination of safety cabinets, isolators, incubators, ventilation and air conditioning systems, etc.).

Why are we the right airborne disinfection system supplier for you?

Broad and clinically tested portfolio of cold fogging systems ("Made in Germany"). Robust airborne disinfection devices made of V4A stainless steel (rollable and portable models with 270, 450 or 850 m3 output).

Scientifically-tested and validatable disinfection systems for H2O2 room decontamination for medicine, research, pharmaceuticals, food hygiene and production areas.

Flexible and high-quality device production (also of small quantities) to sales partners, distributors and dealers as well as to customers in more than 20 application areas worldwide.

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Hygiene quality guarantee

Our 100% Quality Guarantee

We deliver high-quality hydrogen peroxide premium products in various concentrations as well as scientifically tested airborne disinfection systems (also called "room disinfection nebulizers", "cold foggers", "aerosol nebulizers" and "foggers"). If you have any questions, reviews or complaints, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Our H2O2-based disinfectants are used every day in more than 20 areas of application as well as by well-known companies and institutions. In numerous European countries and beyond, our proven disinfection devices and biocides are officially registered and certified by international business partners. Our chemists, state-certified disinfectors, quality management officers, logisticians, dangerous goods managers and sales agents work day after day to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our hygiene portfolio.

You can reach us if you have any questions at: +49 (0) 6003 / 814-220