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Smart H2O2 room decontamination solutions

H2O2 surface disinfection

Please check the following sources for fully-automated H2O2 room, air and surface disinfection:


H2O2 aerosol generators

All DiosolGenerator models for aerosolized Hydrogen Peroxide (aHP) decontamination.


H2O2 disinfectants

Our ready-to-use Diosol disinfectants based upon specially-stabilized hydrogen peroxide


Disinfection validation

2 basic and essential hygiene validation possibilities for H2O2 room decontaminations


Rental of H2O2 generators

Flexible and affordable aerosol generator rental for H2O2 room disinfection within Europe


Maintenance service

Digital information package for maintenance & repair for room, air and surface disinfections


H2O2 room disinfection accessory

Our complete H2O2 disinfection portfolio and important accessories + additional products


H2O2 decontamination service

Professional decontamination service in more than 20 application areas


Odor neutralization solutions

Do you often have to deal with extreme odors such as mold, animal odors, feces, vomit, nicotine etc.?


Target group information

In which application area do you need specific disinfection information?

Do you have any questions regarding our disinfection measures?
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Decontamination service

Scientifically proven hydrogen peroxide room decontamination solutions for complete disinfection of infectious environments.

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