Disinfection system maintenance:

H2O2 cold fogger according to 

DIN EN 17272

Disinfection system maintenance

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Here you can find all important information about the maintenance and repair of DiosolGenerator cold fogging systems based  upon aerosolized Hydrogen Peroxide

(aHP = aerosolized Hydrogen Peroxide)  

Digital information package 
for maintenance & repair of room, air and surface disinfection systems / cold foggers / airborne disinfection devices

6 sources of information for the maintenance and repair of your DiosolGenerator from DIOP disinfection company in Germany

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DIOP disinfection system maintenance

Technical content of DiosolGenerator maintenance procedures

Category: Maintenance service

Read this document in order to see what service is included in our maintenance pricing.

Disinfection maintenance information

Disinfection maintenenance information

Category: Maintenance interval

Please make sure to carry out maintenance every 24 months in order to keep your disinfection device working properly.

Maintenance and repair process DiosolGenerator

How do DIOP repair and maintenance processes work?

Category: Maintenance workflow

See here how we logistically and technically process your maintenance step by step within European Union (UE countries).

Disinfection device transport foams

Special foams for DiosolGenerator transport

CategoryMaintenance device transport

Do you need our re-usable DiosolGenerator special foams (for portable + rollable cold fogging systems) for transport-safe shipping? It is 32,00 € additionally.

Disinfection system EN 17272

DiosolGenerator disinfection system maintenance offer for European Union customers

Category: Maintenance offer

Universal all in one offer for customers within European Union including transport, logistics and packaging costs.

Certified DIN EN 17272

EN 17272 information

CategoryMaintenance device transport

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