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Automated H2O2 room disinfection solutions

Disinfecting wipes for surface disinfection

Disinfecting wipes

Wipes are ready-to-use, disposable disinfecting towels for rapid disinfection (depending on the manufacturer, effective already after 1 minute).

Wiping disinfection: Areas of application

Disinfecting wipes are particularly suitable for disinfection of:

  • Near patient surfaces such as bedside tables, bedsteads, electricity outlets, remote controls, telephones etc.
  • medical devices (CE)
  • all work surfaces and equipment surfaces

General application instructions for wiping disinfection with disinfecting wipes

  • Wipe surfaces thoroughly with a soaked wipe
  • to ensure optimum disinfection effect, pay attention to completely wet the treated surfaces
  • depending on the range (in m2)of the wipes, if necessary, use several towels for particularly large areas
  • Ensure appropriate waste disposal after use of the wipes
  • Wearing gloves is recommended

Microbiological effectiveness according to European test standards depending on the manufacturer

  • Bactericidal (e.g. against multi-resistant bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus incl. MRSA and E. coli incl. ESBL)
  • Fungicidal
  • Virucidal (HIV, HBV, Rota, Vaccinia), enveloped and non-enveloped viruses such as norovirus

Overview of some of the advantages of modern disinfecting wipes

  • No dosage needed, immediately applicable
  • No need for time-consuming rinsing
  • Single use “Use and throw away” allows “hygienic disinfection”
  • More effective than traditional wiping disinfectants
  • Documented effectiveness already proved in expertises
  • Versatile (targeted disinfection, ongoing disinfection and final disinfection)
  • Advanced, safe and environmentally friendly
  • Cleaning and disinfection at the same time

The disinfecting wipes can be distinguished as follows:

  • Cleaning wipes (e.g. disposable wipes containing water and soap)
  • Disinfecting wipes (alcohol-free wipes + alcohol-based wipes)

Disinfection wipes for surface disinfection in healthcare facilities, hospitals, pharma industry, food production environments and many other application areas can be either ordered directly from manufacturers, commercial agencies or in hygiene or disinfection online shops. Wipes are usually available in various packaging sizes such as small bags with 48 individual wipes or in big buckets for the dosage with disinfectant refill packs.

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