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Automated H2O2 room disinfection solutions

Diosol aerosol generator PROTEC

Hydrogen peroxide airborne disinfection device

Aerosol generator Protec


Diosol aerosol generator PROTEC description

The microbiologically proven room, air and surface disinfection system DiosolGenerator PROTEC works with a broad spectrum disinfectant based on Diosol hydrogen peroxide and silver ions. This special substance combination is also excellently suited to disinfecting biofilms with a long-lasting effect (remanence). Afterwards it easily breaks down into water vapor and oxygen (99,99% biodegradable in case of Diosol or 100% biodegradable in case of Diosol PURE).

The DiosolGenerator PROTEC works fully-automated and offers a user-friendly application. The calculated and to be treated room volume can be adapted via a volume regulator (e.g. 50 m3). When the device is switched on, the Diosol concentration is automatically and extremely fine being nebulized. Existing germs, viruses and spores will be demonstrably eliminated or inactivated on all surfaces, medical equipment and in the room air.

Advantages of airborne disinfection with Diosol aerosol generator PROTEC

Natural surface disinfectant

99,99% biodegradable

Free from alcohol

All Diosol disinfectants do not contain alcohol, aldehydes, chlorine, phenols and quats

Clinically proven disinfectants

Clinically tested with Diosol disinfectants in numerous studies


Validatable disinfection method according to German guidelines and European norms

DiosolGenerator PROTEC features

The device’s features such as mobility and ergonomic design, allow a user-friendly disinfection.

Housing / nozzle High quality steel housing with V4A nozzle
Dimensions 800 x 390 x 300 mm (H x W x L)
Weight 25 kg
Voltage 230 V / 110 V upon request
Consumption 350 W
Compressor Dry air compressor, without oil
Room volume 270 m³ (Upgrades possible up to 450 m³ and 850 m³)
Diosol consumption 4 ml / m³
Noise level 62 dB
Recommended target groups Hospital hygiene, animal science, building cleaners, crime scene cleaning, pharma cleanrooms & food production
Disinfection documentation External via data logger and/or ppm measuring device
Manufacturer DIOP GmbH & Co. KG / Germany

DiosolGenerator PROTEC impressions

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