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Automated H2O2 room disinfection solutions

Diop science information

DIOP science papers & documents

[ds_download url=”” text=”Bionovis study package” img=””] Bionovis hygiene institute: Study bundle

[ds_download url=”” text=”Clostridium difficile” img=””] Expert statement on Clostridium difficile

[ds_download url=”” text=”Fully-virucidal test report” img=””] Fully-virucidal test report

[ds_download url=”” text=”Swine flu” img=””] Expert statement on swine flu & influenza

[ds_download url=”” text=”Norovirus test report summary” img=””] Norovirus test report summary

[ds_download url=”” text=”Norovirus test report complete” img=””] Norovirus test report complete
[ds_download url=”” text=”University of Göttingen test report” img=””] University of Göttingen test report on bacteria & moulds