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Automated H2O2 room disinfection solutions

Crime scene cleanup disinfection

H2O2 crime scene cleanup disinfection possibilities for crime scene cleaners

Crime scene cleanup


H2O2 crime scene cleanup

The desire for low-germ crime scene processing is increasingly becoming the focus of the customers. As a professional crime scene cleaners you can now achieve this using our DioProtection system.

A thorough cleaning and disinfection is associated with high expenes of time and personnel. In times of tight budgets, a touchy subject. DIOP achieved an excellent price-performance ratio with its high efficiency and low personnel expenses. DioProtection is optimally tailored to the needs of building cleaners, because it has a special quality standard, allowing you to efficiently meet the individual needs of your most demanding customers without personnel costs beyond the scope.

Not only our fogging devices, but also our surface disinfectants are optimally matched to the needs of crime scene cleaning.

DioProtection is the solution, which leads to a perfect result in the crime scene cleaning and offers optimal protection to your employees.

Expand your range of services with the Diosol Generator and offer your customers added value, as the market is “narrow”.

Reliable crime scene cleanup method for crime scene cleaners

Locations of corpse after suicide, crimes, or highly infectious notifiable diseases, accidents or so-called compulsive hoarding appartments require extraordinary hygiene and disinfection measures. DioProtection as three-dimensional disinfection method fulfills these requirements both in hygienic as well as in cost-related terms.

The crime scene cleaner as competent person must take all measures to professionally carry out the crime scene cleaning according to the state of the art and to current laws. This and several other factors make the crime scene cleaning one of the most demanding activities at all.

The cold-fog-disinfection systems from DIOP are particularly suitable for extremely high hygiene requirements or tasks such as cleaning the crime scene. In the crime scene cleaning practice our aerosol generators have proven their worth for example in the pre-disinfection for the prevention against bacteria, fungal spores and viruses as well as in the final disinfection. Joints, corners, edges or recesses are as well disinfected with DioProtection as are smooth surfaces.

Advantages of hydrogen peroxide room disinfection for building cleaners and building cleaning service providers

Natural surface disinfectant

99,99% – 100% biodegradable

Free from alcohol

All Diosol disinfectants do not contain alcohol, aldehydes, chlorine, phenols and quats

Clinically proven disinfectants

Clinically tested with Diosol disinfectants in numerous studies


Validatable disinfection method for crime scene decontamination according to German guidelines, European norms and International standards

The advantages of the DioProtection rooom, air and surface disinfection system for complicated and dangerous crime scene cleanup

The features of our DiosolGenerator decontamination systems such as mobility and ergonomic design, allow a user-friendly disinfection in any kind of crime scene and infectious environments such as homicides, suicides and accidental deaths.

Efficiency Broad range of efficacy: Bacteria, molds, viruses and spores
Eco-friendly Safe technology based on hydrogen peroxide (oxygen absorber)
User-friendly Mobile, lightweight and easy-to-use device
Required manpower Works automatically with minimum manpower
Disinfectant consumption only 4 ml Diosol / m3
Documentation possibilities Yes, electronically (data logger, ppm, temperature, relative humidity etc.) as well as paper documentation
Room volume 0 – 850 m3, any kind of room volume can be reliably disinfected
Validation with bacteria (Enterococcus faecium, Staphylococcus aureus) and / or spores (Geobacillus stearothermophilus), see disinfection validation possibilities with bioindicators
Application possibilities for crime scene cleaners Cleaning maintenance services specializing in the cleanup of homicide, suicide and accidental death. Restoration of buildings, rooms, property and vehicles which became contaminated as a result of crime, accident, or other means
Science / Norms Crime scene cleaning and disinfection in accordance with relevant norms

  • EN 1040 3/2006
  • EN 1276 1/2010
  • EN 1650 8/2013
  • EN 14347 8/2005
  • EN 13 704 5/2002
  • EN 14348 9/2005
  • EN 14476 12/2015
  • NF T 72-281 11/2014
  • EN 1656 11/2010
  • EN 1657 3/2006
  • EN 14 204 2/2013

The most complete crime scene cleanup system for crime scene cleaners and cleaning maintenance services

DIOP’s DiosolGenerator room disinfection systems have been used in crime scene cleaning for more than 10 years now and have become a valuable factor of crime scene cleanup and for crime scene cleaner in general.

H2O2 crime scene cleaning