Validatable H2O2 cold room disinfection and cool cell decontamination 

Cold room disinfection

Automated H2O2 cold room disinfection systems

Here you will find all important information about the seamless & smart H2O2 room, air, surface and cool cell disinfection by way of micro aerosol disinfection / nebulization / fogging

(aHP = aerosolized Hydrogen Peroxide)  


Cold room decontamination information pack 
for your hygiene environments and cooling areas

16 sources of information on the easy implementation of H2O2 cool cell decontamination in your scientific and medical areas or cold storage rooms

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Clean room disinfection validation

Microbiological validation of hydrogen peroxide decontamination in pharmaceutical areas

Category: Scientific validation

Professional and legally compliant validation of hydrogen peroxide cleanroom decontamination by PD Dr. med. Andreas Schwarzkopf.

Cold room disinfection process

The complete H2O2 cold room disinfection process

Category: Hygiene Infographic

The step by step infographic for the complete, smart and automated H2O2 disinfection process of your cold rooms, refrigeration chambers or cooling areas.

Hygiene doctor

H2O2-based room disinfection in experimental veterinary medicine

Category: Scientific presentation

Scientific lecture by PD Dr. Andreas Schwarzkopf on the use of hydrogen peroxide room disinfection in experimental animal science.

H2O2 room disinfection service

CategoryDisinfection offer

Do you need a professional disinfection service for your cold rooms or cold storage areas? Then look here ...

Hygiene test reports

Scientific reports

CategoryExpertise & Microbiology

All relevant reports and microbiological tests for hydrogen peroxide room decontamination since 2006.

Hydrogen peroxide disinfectants

The H2O2 surface disinfectants

CategoryH2O2 disinfectants

Depending on the range of pathogens, problem germs and hygiene requirements, the Diosol hydrogen peroxide concentration to be used varies between 3 and 19%.

Room disinfection devices

The disinfection devices

Category: Disinfection devices

All robust V4A stainless steel DiosolGenerators for cold room decontamination in a compact overview. Our recommendations depending on the disinfection project:

- MF Professional (portable) or
- Protec Tube (rollable)

Disinfection bioindicators

The disinfection validation according to RKI specification

Category: Disinfection validation

If necessary, you can have your disinfection measures hygienically validated according to RKI requirements using special bioindicators (either for bacteria or spores).

List of germs

Which diosol against which germs?

Category: Microbiology

Learn in this document which Diosol concentration you need against which germs...

Disinfection equipment

Important accessories for professional room disinfection

Duration: Disinfection equipment

From A to Z you will find all important and optional additional products for hydrogen peroxide room, air and surface disinfection in our comprehensive accessories brochure.

Disinfection ventilation

Action and ventilation times after H2O2 cold fogging

Category: Disinfection process times 

Tabular overview of all application times regarding Diosol disinfectants for cold fogging technology in the Diosol Generator.

Hygiene EN norms

List of EN standards in surface disinfection and fulfillment by the Diosol system

Category: European Norms for Disinfection

Here you can see all the relevant EN standards for surface disinfection, which are fulfilled by the DiosolGenerator and Diosol.

Disinfection electronic compatibility

Electronic compatibility for device decontamination

Category: Electronics and medical devices

Cold cell disinfection by means of micro-aerosol-generating cold fogging is 100% compatible with your electronic medical equipment. These include display systems, microscopes, micro chips, computers etc. Storage of food products is uncomplicated as well.

aHP disinfection

The advantages of aerosolized Hydrogen Peroxide (aHP) compared to gaseous systems

Category: Room decontamination

Check this infographic in order to understand the essential advantages of nebulized hydrogen peroxide in comparison with gaseous systems, also for decontamination of cold rooms.

Disinfection system rental

Rental systems for hydrogen peroxide room fogging

Category: Rental of disinfection devices

Do you have the expertise to perform H2O2 room disinfection yourself or do you require additional rental systems? Then take a look at our rental catalog.

H2O2 cleanroom disinfection

​Pharmaceutical contribution from clean room technology magazine

Category: Fold contribution

Specialist article from the pharmaceutical journal "Reinraumtechnik" with a description of the DIOP cold fogging process in pharmaceutical areas.

Diop disinfection voucher

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