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Automated H2O2 room disinfection solutions

Cleanroom disinfection

H2O2 clean room disinfection for a better clean room hygiene and decontamination results

Clean room disinfection

H2o2 clean room disinfection

Clean room hygiene and decontamination control

The bio-decontamination of safety laboratories and cleanrooms with hydrogen peroxide has become a significant disinfection method in order to achieve a 100% reliable decontamination of highly sensitive areas. Manual wiping methods are a) not safe enough and b) not validatable. H2O2 clean room disinfection is fully-automated and therefore easily and quickly validatable at any time and in any situation (see disinfection validation).

The highly complex and extermely sensitive hygienic production processes in pharma industry place high demands on environment hygiene and clean room disinfection. Furhermore, legal requirements for manufacturers of pharmaceutical products have dramatically increased due to European norms ans international standards such as Good manufacturing practice (GMP).

The largest pharmaceutical companies worldwide rely on the DioProtection aerosol disinfection system as it may save time, money and personnel expenses (manpower savings). By achieving an up to 100% environment disinfection, DioProtection also improves your pharma product quality to new levels.

Advantages of hydrogen peroxide room decontamination in clean room disinfection and decontamination monitoring

Natural surface disinfectant

99,99% – 100% biodegradable

Free from alcohol

All Diosol disinfectants do not contain alcohol, aldehydes, chlorine, phenols and quats

Clinically proven disinfectants

Clinically tested with Diosol disinfectants in numerous studies


Validatable disinfection method for clean room hygiene according to German guidelines and European norms

The advantages of the DioProtection rooom, air and surface disinfection system in pharmaceutical clean rooms based upon Diosol hydrogen peroxide

The features of our DiosolGenerator decontamination systems such as mobility and ergonomic design, allow a user-friendly disinfection in pharma hygiene.

Efficiency Broad range of efficacy: Bacteria, molds, viruses and spores
Eco-friendly Safe technology based on hydrogen peroxide (oxygen absorber)
User-friendly Mobile, lightweight and easy-to-use device
Required manpower Works automatically with minimum manpower
Disinfectant consumption only 4 ml Diosol / m3
Documentation possibilities Yes, electronically (data logger, ppm, temperature, relative humidity etc.) as well as paper documentation
Room volume 0 – 850 m3, any kind of clean room volume can be reliably disinfected
Validation with bacteria (Enterococcus faecium, Staphylococcus aureus) and / or spores (Geobacillus stearothermophilus), see disinfection validation possibilities with bioindicators
Application possibilities in clean rooms Disinfection of clean room classes A to F, lock systems, production processes, preparatory and packing rooms and many more pharma environments
Science / Norms Clean room hygiene in accordance with relevant disinfection norms

  • EN 1040 3/2006
  • EN 1276 1/2010
  • EN 1650 8/2013
  • EN 14347 8/2005
  • EN 13 704 5/2002
  • EN 14348 9/2005
  • EN 14476 12/2015
  • NF T 72-281 11/2014
  • EN 1656 11/2010
  • EN 1657 3/2006
  • EN 14 204 2/2013

The most complete infection prevention solution in clean room disinfection