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Bakery hygiene specialist from Germany proudly presents:

A revolutionary way to disinfect your bakehouse, baking rooms and bakery equipment, storage areas, cold rooms etc. completely, gapless and automatically -

in just 90 minutes - without using expensive personnel, cost and time resources ... guaranteed!

Smart and save bakery disinfection

Are you ready for the baked goods processing hygiene challenges of the future? DIOP GmbH & Co. KG is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of clever H2O2 room decontamination solutions and products for for producers of bakery products working at the highest level.

Compared to expensive, manually operated and complicated disinfection methods:
Save costs, time and valuable resources with our cold fogging technology!

Even more powerful environmental hygiene in bakeries and for producers of bakery products!

Do you belong to those confectioners, patisseries, bread services and bakery products manufacturers, that regularly and extensively need to disinfect complete pastry processing environments, food packages and valuable bakery production equipment (such as pretzel boxes, trough boxes, work surfaces, bread trolleys, breadboards, rolling pins, bakers' peels, tabletops, monitors, displays, electronics etc.)? Furthermore you must ensure that your ventilation and air conditioning systems do not spready any bacteria, germs, spores etc.?

Then just simplify your tedious manual environment disinfection work, by having our clinically tested disinfection procedure work for you. Your premises, surfaces, bakery facility equipment and the room air are being fully-automated and three-dimensionally decontaminated up to 100% by simply pressing a button.

Bakery disinfection plan

Gapless baked goods processing facility disinfection by way of hydrogen peroxide nebulization (automated micro aerosol disinfection).

The best and sustainable disinfection results that may be achieved in critical food, bakery and pastry maker manufacturing areas...

Impressing germ reductions & cost savings

In combination with a manual pre-cleaning, you achieve disinfection results at pharmaceutical level.

Numerous national and international pastry making companies

For well over 10 years, well-known food, meat and bakery producers around the world have relied on our hydrogen peroxide room disinfection process.

Scientific reports & microbiological evidence

Microbiological reports prove the effectiveness of our products according to all relevant EN standards and international standards.

Highest employee protection and bakery hygiene standards

Not only the validatable hygiene results, but also our biocompatible disinfectants guarantee highest protection in contaminated or infectious bakery goods production areas.

The advantages for your professional environment decontamination in bakeries, bakehouses and baking rooms at a glance

  • Efficacy against the complete microbial spectrum (bacteria, fungi, viruses & spores) at <20% H2O2
  • Simple and convenient operation without complicated display
  • Free Expertise Assignment by State-Examined Disinfectors
  • Complete, scientific treatment of your food processing areas, pastries storage rooms, roll and bread production equipment etc.
  • Room, air and surface disinfection system works and turns off automatically
  • Easy, sporicidal validation according to KRINKO / RKI requirements
  • 99.99 - 100% biodegradable with low disinfectant consumption
  • Relief of cleaning staff, quality management, bakery hygiene officers and bakery processing employees
  • Good practice in bakery production disinfection. Optimally suitable for any kind of surface, valuable equipment or sensitive electronics

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What renowned bakery hygiene experts say:

Diop distributes the DiosolGenerator nebulizer and Diosol disinfectants which have been extensively examined. For this purpose, the substance Diosol, which can be nebulized in various concentrations, was treated in accordance with DGHM guidelines and applicable European standards. Under production conditions, a virucidal and even sporicidal disinfection can be achieved."

PD Dr. med. A. Schwarzkopf, Publicly appointed sworn expert for hospital hygiene

PD Dr. Andreas Schwarzkopf

The quantification of infectious MNV (plaque assay) showed that the H2O2 treatment (cold fogging) leads to a significant inactivation of the virus on stainless steel supports."

The Research Association of the German Food Industry (FEI), www.fei-bonn.de

Forschungskreis der Ernährungsindustrie

DIOP room disinfection is a surface-friendly, passive and residue-free disinfection process. Taking into account the achievable germ reduction, this room and surface disinfection method can be described as an excellent disinfection measure in the human medical, dental and veterinary field of application."

Dr. med. Dipl.-Chem. Dip.-Ing. (FH) Ulrich Schmelz

Dr. Ulrich Schmelz

The DIOP disinfection experts are well-known in

food, meat and pastries processing hygiene:

Food environment customers

What do you get in our FREE hygiene pack for innovative and automated disinfection in bakery products processing areas?

Bakery disinfection

Info package

The hygiene and room disinfection information package for baked goods processing hygiene and sanitation.

Special offer

Special offer

Offer with special new customer discount for food manufacturing, bakery product manufacturers,
confectioners, patisseries, roll and bread services and many more.

Clinically proven disinfectants

your advantages

How to reduce the infection pressure of your pastry producing environments to a minimum without great effort.

Rundum Hygiene Service

individual advice

If you want to raise the disinfection quality in your bakery products manufacturing facility to a new hygiene level, then we are pleased to advise you by phone.

For what kind of producers of bakery products, confectioners, pastry makers and patisseries is this information package suitable? 

THIS HYGIENE PACKAGE IS perfectly SUITABLE FOR producers of bakery products that...

  • - are willing to push their bakery products hygiene quality to a new level 
  • - perform regular or targeted final disinfection measures
    - look for cheaper, simpler alternatives to gaseous H2O2 room fumigation or safe upgrades with regard to manually-based wipe disinfections
    - want to achieve comparable or better results with less hydrogen peroxide use
    - live bakery production hygiene day by day
    - urgently need more time to focus on what they've been basically up for
    - are just waiting to sustainably optimize their hygiene and disinfection works
    - rely on clever, automated and validatable disinfection techniques

THIS HYGIENE PACKAGE IS not SUITABLE FOR producers of bakery products THAT...

  • - have no motivation to optimize their bakery products hygiene processes sustainably
  • - are not suffering from a lack of time, staff or hygiene budget
  • - do not plan to reduce the pressure on their personnel, reduce the daily workload and decrease their cleaning and disinfection costs
  • - do not appreciate the importance of automated, validatable disinfection procedures
    - prefer to spend their money and budget for time-consuming and highly concentrated gaseous H2O2 room decontamination solutions such as HPV or VHP
    - only apply scouring wipe disinfections, but do not perform final disinfections
    - are not interested in valuable disinfection innovations for their sanitation and disinfection measures

Never again unnecessary contaminations of bakery products, guaranteed!

As a longtime supplier & disinfection specialist, we offer you responsible, highly effective and natural hygiene solutions for scientific room decontamination in baked goods production areas. We help you protect bakery products, food, people, consumers and bakery equipment from dangerous infections, spores and baked goods intoxications.

or simply call us: +49 (0) 6003 / 814-225

Bakery disinfection

Smart H2O2 facility decontamination for bakery product manufacturers

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