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A revolutionary way to disinfect your rooms, vehicles, products etc. completely, automatically and stress-free - in just 60 to 90 minutes - without using expensive personnel, cost and time resources ... guaranteed!

Certified disinfectant

Automated disinfection solutions for smart companies and institutions

H2O2 room disinfection

More safety, budget and time thanks to disinfection automation!

Learn now and here how to cleverly overcome your financial, temporal, microbiological and personnel hurdles when it comes to extensive disinfection works ...

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What added hygiene value do we provide?

H2O2 decontamination service

Do you need a complete and validatable room disinfection service (for example as part of a final disinfection or in case of outbreak management)? Then simply request your individual offer for H2O2 room decontamination online by clicking below button!

Decontamination service

H2O2 room disinfection solutions and products

Would you like to make your expensive and strenuous disinfection measures smarter and more economical and especially relieve your staff? Then just check out the enormous advantages of our automated H2O2 room disinfection solutions!

H2O2 room disinfection systems

H2O2 decontamination accessory

Are you working day after day to keep your environment as low in germs as possible? Then you are welcome to browse through our hygiene equipment, infection prevention accessory etc. and benefit from a large selection of professional cleaning and disinfection products!

Innovative disinfection products

In which application area can we help you with our disinfection technology?

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Nursing homes

Nursing home disinfection

Animal Health

Animal Science Hygiene

Facility management

Building disinfection

Commercial kitchen hygiene

Commercial kitchen hygiene

Hotel hygiene, wellness & sauna

Hotel room disinfection

Incubator disinfection

Incubator decontamination

Prison cell disinfection

Prison disinfection

Hospital hygiene

Hoypital hygiene disinfection

Cool cell disinfection

Cold room disinfection

Agriculture disinfection

Agricultural disinfection

Food production hygiene

Food production disinfection

Medical equipment disinfection

Medical product disinfection

Butchery disinfection

Meat processing disinfection

Health care supply stores

Orthopedic equipment disinfection

Pharma GMP cleanroom disinfection

Clean room disinfection

Car and vehicle disinfection

Car disinfection machine

Rescue vehicle disinfection

Ambulance disinfection system

Pest control services

Biological pest control methods

Cruise ship hygiene

Cruise ship disinfecting norovirus

Mold remediation

Mold disinfection

Research equipment disinfection

Research equipment disinfection

Available soon...

Crime scene cleaning

Crime scene decontamination

Veterinary clinic disinfection

Veterinary practice disinfection

Transport vehicle disinfection

Transport vehicle disinfection

School and kindergarten disinfection

Coming soon

Available soon...

Laundry environment disinfection

Laundry facility disinfection

Dental clinic disinfection

Dental clinic disinfection

The most comfortable and economical way to complete final disinfection!

95% of all small and medium-sized enterprises, clinics, research areas and institutions waste money every day on their final disinfection, outbreak management and, in particular, on the distribution of their temporal and personal hygiene resources - even though there already exist smart, automated disinfection technologies.

Leave the days of disinfection stone age behind you and get your unfair hygiene competitive advantage now!

Clever disinfection with real added value!

Never again disinfection frustration!

You will find out in our hygiene, infection prevention and disinfection information package the following:

Your digital information package on "Disinfection Automation"

All scientific, economic and hygienic aspects of automated aerosolized Hydrogen Peroxide (aHP) in a compact overview.

Special starter offer for your hygiene challenges

Your target group-specific offer with all important components and accessory products for professional H2O2 room decontamination.

Your time, personnel and monetary benefits at a glance

All advantages, savings potentials and work concessions for your company at a glance.

Individual advice from state-certified disinfectors

In addition to our digital hygiene package we are of course available to you unconditionally and also by telephone.

Just 3 simple steps to your appropriate room disinfection - 

Competent and non-binding

1. Select your target group

Select your scope of application above (for example, hospital hygiene, food production, etc.) and register conveniently online.

2. Get special information + offer

You will receive our detailed information package "H2O2 room disinfection" as well as an attractive special offer with a massive discount.

3. Get 100% free advice

Do you have any questions and individual information needs or need an on-site appointment in advance? Simply contact us and let us advise you for free.

Why can you rely 100% on DIOP

H2O2 space and room disinfections?

Disinfection from A to Z from one source

DIOP takes care of all aspects of your individual environmental hygiene and final disinfection. With us you benefit from a central contact person for difficult questions or tricky hygiene problems.

We save you lots of money, time and trouble

There are no hidden or additional costs for you. There is a problem? Our state-approved disinfectors take care of your demanding disinfection needs. Everything is included in your hygiene service package. Profitability is one of our top  priorities.

Risk-free success guarantee for you

We have spent many years developing and insuring our H2O2 technical room disinfection solutions: It works in more than 20 application fields. We will revolutionize your surface disinfection - smart, automated and, above all, affordable.

What problems do I have in case of neglected room disinfection and faulty manual surface disinfection (just doing scouring wipe disinfection)?

Further aggravation of the shortage of skilled workers

The only solution against the threatening and already existing hygiene shortage can only be: Automation of extensive disinfection processes. Poorly prepared surfaces and rooms can lead to high follow-up costs.

More and more uncontrollable infection risks

Multidrug-resistant bacteria, viruses that are difficult to inactivate and dangerous spores endanger the health of your patients, employees, animals and products. Reduce unnecessary health risks through smart disinfection automation in just a few easy-to-apply steps.

Lack of legal certainty (RKI, EN standards & Co.)

Especially in hygiene high-risk areas, it is essential to comply with relevant hygiene guidelines and European standards. In addition, our hydrogen peroxide process is individually tailored to your hygiene requirements and can be easily validated any time.

Other hygiene solutions for you:

Disinfecting services

Odor neutralization

Hygiene education + disinfection training

Hygiene accessories

DIOP - My partner for disinfection at the highest level

For more than a decade, our mission has been to provide the best results in terms of "surface disinfection and room decontamination" for our discerning clients. It does not matter what the microbiological challenges are. Even if you are looking for a reliable disinfection service provider, we will assist you competently. We work exclusively with certified and trained partners.

It's that easy:
Select your scope of application and register with just a few clicks and information on our website. Afterwards you will receive all relevant information for your specific disinfection needs. Our disinfection service is free and without obligation for you. We are DIOP - the manufacturer, sales company and service consultant around your disinfection requirements!

What renowned hygiene experts say:

Hygiene doctor

The nebulization disinfection method provides a valuable safety margin, especially regarding multi-resistant pathogens, but also noroviruses and Clostridium difficile.

PD Dr. med. A. Schwarzkopf  

Publicly appointed sworn expert for hospital hygiene

Hygiene institute Schubert

After the H2O2 room decontamination process, you will not be able to ignore this surface disinfection any more. Especially, if you compare the investment in relation to the gained safety.

Friedemann Schubert - Hygiene specialist and hygiene inspector, Hygiene Institute Schubert

The overall view of the results shows that the use of the DIOSOL method achieves a very good infectiological risk and germ reduction, because an existing germ load is almost completely inactivated.

Dr. med. Dipl.-Chem. Dip.-Ing. (FH) Ulrich Schmelz - Hygiene Expert

Are you ready for innovative hygiene and disinfection products?

Read here what our satisfied customers think and say:

The international experts for H2O2 room decontamination and aerosolized Hydrogen Peroxide disinfection (aHP)

Decontamination service

Our hygiene promise:

Our goal is to offer you disinfection systems and disinfection solutions that meet the highest quality standards.

A purposeful design that survives trends and a robust workmanship that can survive almost anything.
Honest and to the point.

12 months guarantee

Our disinfection systems are for regular use, not for the storage room. Therefore, we grant you a 12-month guarantee - without ifs and buts!

Produced in Hessen

We are a small but highly motivated team of disinfectors, business people, technicians and chemists, who have one thing in common: the fascination for perfect disinfection!

Highest quality standards

We are not a provider of high price systems, but we are a German quality brand. That is why we only use the best materials.

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