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Hydrogen Peroxide FAQ

Our automated room disinfection technology based upon hydrogen peroxide is a scientifically proven, economic and user-friendly method. This room disinfection measure has been established successfully in more than 25 application fields since 2009. However, there is a bundle of questions which needs to be answered. Therefore, we provide this FAQ section for our customers, business partners and prospects.

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H2O2 Room Disinfection VIDEOS

In order to understand the functioning of our innovative and easy to use hydrogen peroxide based room disinfection method, please click on the red button below. By clicking on the red button, you get access to our video page.

H2O2 Room Decontamination FAQ

Why is DIOP a reliable manufacturer and sales organization for automated room disinfection systems?

How efficient is the DIOP room disinfection method microbiologically?

Is the DIOP room disinfection procedure compatible with sensitive electronics, medical equipment and surfaces?

How does the disinfection process work step by step?

How much time does the disinfection process take?

How can you validate your room disinfection process?

Where can you check all of our products online?

Do you have fixed intervalls for inspection and maintenance?

Are the Diosol disinfectants biocides or medical products?

What is the disinfectant consumption per m3?

Where can you see all the technical specifications of the DiosolGenerator systems?

Why do we think that our aerosolized Hydrogen Peroxide (aHP) disinfection method is better for you in comparison with gaseous room fumigation?

Does DIOP provide a warranty on its automated disinfection systems?

Does DIOP offer room disinfection systems with integrated display and regulation options?

Does DIOP also design and supply disinfection chambers for special disinfections?

Is there a technical customer service for repairs at the customers site?

Does the H2O2 nebulization replace the scrub wipe disinfection?

In which temperature range does the Diosol cold fogging disinfection technology work best?

Is the disinfection process compatible with gaskets, plasticisers, rubber, silicone, etc. (such as doors and vehicles)?

Is DIOP liable for damage caused by cold fogging?

Does packaged sterile goods have to be removed or can they remain in the room or vehicle during the disinfection process?

Why are ultrasonic nebulizers the worse choice for automated room disinfection / vehicle preparation?

Can I also use disinfectants other than the Diosol product line in the DiosolGenerator cold fogging systems?

Can pest control measures with insecticides etc. be carried out using the DiosolGenerator?

How can I dispose of my Diosol hydrogen peroxide?

Is DIOP company an ISO certified company?

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