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Companion animals infected: ESBL-producing E. coli identified

companion animals infected

Companion animals infected: ESBL-producing E. coli identified Pets and farm animals, especially in the meat industry, have been infected with extended spectrum ß-lactamase producing (ESBL) gram-negative bacillus. Even though these animals stay in a very close contact to humans the scientific data concerning the actual incidence of the microorganism is insufficient. Hence Austrian researchers carried […]

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Disinfecting wipes for surface disinfection

Disinfecting wipes

Wipes are ready-to-use, disposable disinfecting towels for rapid disinfection (depending on the manufacturer, effective already after 1 minute). Wiping disinfection: Areas of application Disinfecting wipes are particularly suitable for disinfection of: Near patient surfaces such as bedside tables, bedsteads, electricity outlets, remote controls, telephones etc. medical devices (CE) all work surfaces and equipment surfaces General application instructions […]

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